Project Development Management

Project Development Management
How does the process of designing a new product with API work?

  • Meet with the customer & discuss the new product idea.
  • Document the features & requirements of the project.
  • Review any written specifications the customer may have prepared.
  • Discuss the product cost target and production quantity targets for the customer.
  • Discuss how we can make the project justifiable for both parties.

Developing a Quotation
  • Based on the new product discussion, API engineering begins to sketch proposed hardware and circuitry for the product.
  • This process tends to generate a lot of questions, so discussion with the customer continues.
  • API engineering begins writing the requirements into a product spec.
  • API determines component cost of the proposed hardware.
  • API sales calculates the product pricing and presents the customer a quotation & product specification.

  • Upon customer’s acceptance of the quotation, API engineering finalizes the proposed hardware & circuitry design.
  • Circuit simulations are performed and checked against specifications.
  • Printed circuit board artwork is created.
  • Mechanical drawings and 3D mechanical models are created.
  • Drawings are sent to the customer for approval.

  • Parts are ordered for a small number of prototypes.
  • Drawings are created to show how to assemble the components.
  • Circuitry & mechanical hardware are assembled by API production staff.

Software Development
  • Most new products are computer based and require API to generate software that controls the product.
  • Preliminary software can often be written while prototypes are still being built.
  • API tests software functionality running on the prototypes.

Customer Evaluation and Feedback
  • Prototypes are delivered to the customer.
  • Customer installs prototypes in their system.
  • API assists the customer in understanding how to use the product.
  • Customer evaluates product functionality.
  • Changes required for production are noted.

Finalize the Design
  • Product design is revised by lessons learned from the prototypes.

Full Production
  • Ongoing monitoring of production quality & responding to customer needs.
  • Continual review for process improvements & cost reduction.