Product Development

API Product Development
American Products Inc. (API) develops products specific to a customer’s need.

Our product development customers are typically experts in a field other than electronics. They have designed a new product and are looking for experts to develop the electronics to "make it work."

API will design and develop electronic hardware and software offering a single source product development solution.

API controls are used on Haulotte/BilJax aerial lifts. View full article from Lift & Access Magazine

Why choose API to design your electronic product?
  • We are here to help non-electronic companies convert their ideas into innovative products.

  • We offer assistance to review & expand your product specifications, or assist in developing specifications where none exist.

  • As an integrated product design and manufacturing company, our profits are derived from manufacturing, not high engineering fees.

  • We offer extremely competitive product development, as new designs are the catalyst for future manufacturing. We will manage your product design from a prototype through production.

  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) is considered from the very beginning of the development process.

  • Continuous manufacturing feedback is used to improve the product design as production ramps up.

  • API will keep your product specifications and documents confidential and will accept non-disclosure agreement.

API electronic development capabilities How do we get started?
Design projects start with a discussion about your product and required features.
  • How will the product function?

  • How will the user interface with this product?

  • Are there quantifiable performance targets?

  • What type of environment will it need to withstand?

  • What is the target price?

  • Must it meet any agency approvals?

  • How many will be needed annually?

  • For more see our project management page.

  • Please contact us and let’s get started.

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Please contact us and let’s get started.