Frequently Asked Questions

How long has API been in business?
API is a privately held company and has been in business since 1983.
Is API ISO approved?
Yes. API has been ISO approved since 1997 and is currently ISO9001-2015 certified.
Can API handle ROHS compliant assemblies?
Yes. API maintains separate ROHS processes, work stations and inventory.
Will API work with blanket orders?
Yes. Blanket orders may be released over a one year time period.
Does API have experience with Kanban (on demand shipments) releases?
Yes. We are willing to work with your requirements.
Is API flexible in dealing with delivery changes?
Yes. We do our best to accommodate your request.
Is API capable of custom packaging?
Yes. We will package to your requirements.
Is API willing to ship to end user locations (drop ship)?
Yes. We can even do blind shipments.
Does API have in house design engineers?
Yes. All of our design engineering is done in house.
Does API have manufacturers representatives?
Yes. We have reps in various parts of the country.
What is the API warranty?
One year material and workmanship (see warranty policy)
What workmanship standards does API follow?
IPC-A-610 and IPC-A-620 standards
Will the product be manufactured in your own facility?
Yes. All of our products are manufactured in API owned USA plants.