Compare Us

Compare API Questions to ask when choosing a
Contract Manufacturer or a Product Design firm:
Contract Manufacturing:
  • Are you willing to accept blanket orders without scheduled releases?

  • Are you willing to work overtime to meet an unexpected demand for our product?

  • Will you maintain product in safety stock to meet immediate customer demand?

  • Will you accommodate small production runs?

  • Will you guarantee material and workmanship?

  • Is your production schedule flexible enough to accommodate an unexpected customer demand on short notice?

  • Do you take an innovative approach to solving my problems?

  • Are you ISO 9001-2015 certified?

  • Do you have IPC certified trainers on staff?

  • Are your electronics manufactured to IPC standards?

  • Are regularly inspected by CSA, UL or other agencies?

  • Do you use automated assembly equipment?

  • How do you maintain process controls?

  • Will you be building our product in your own facility?

Product Development:
  • Do you design for manufacturability (DFM) to minimize product cost?

  • Do you have the experience designing electronics for our specific environment? That would include electrical noise as well as other harsh environmental conditions.

  • Can you design projects to agency standards and assist us through the approval process?

  • Do you have on staff design engineers to technically support our product?

  • What products have you developed in our industry?